Private expo app?

Is there any way to make apps made with expo private? Meaning not indexed in the community, just like if we were to build a regular app? Something like Wordpress comes to mind, where you can use their code/service, but it’s still your code, and has nothing to do with being part of the community?

I am talking about a serious big app, not a small demo app to showcase some type of functionality.

As far as I know, you can’t make an app truly private at this point in time. You can configure the privacy setting in your exp.json or app.json to unlisted so that it doesn’t come up in search results and the only way it can be accessed is if you share the url with someone.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I see the line below in the Expo privacy policy as a deterrent to using Expo:

Although Expo owns the code, databases, and all rights to the Expo application, you retain all rights to your data.

What good is the data if we won’t own the code of our app itself. I think Expo should offer the developers of the app using Expo the rights to their own application, not just the data, just like WordPress does. I think that will attract more users if there are “no strings attached” to using Expo and if for certain there is a way to truly make an app private.

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Hi @movinggifts, I believe the parts of Expo you’ve asked about will work for your use cases.

Ownership rights:

With Expo you (the developer) own your own code and data. The sentence you quoted from the terms refers to the Expo client application (which you use to develop), which is open sourced here:

You still own the code and data for your own application made with Expo. We should probably clearly distinguish between “the Expo application” and “applications made with Expo” in our terms.

One way to think of these terms is like GitHub: they own their website’s code and databases but you still own your own code and data that you push to origin.


@adamjnav’s solution is correct (as of summer 2017). Setting "privacy": "unlisted" will make it so that your Expo project is not indexed.

We find that some big projects choose to be listed publicly because it’s easy for people to try them out but that choice is yours. Either way, you still own your code.


Awesome, that makes a lot of sense now!

Thank you both for the info :smile:


Hi, Policy is still not update. :slightly_smiling_face:

@bamne123 What specific part of the policy are you referring to? Could you please clarify?

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