Preview or Save File when using Filesystem downloadAsync

I am using expo’s FileSystem downloadAsync method to download a file from api (aws). The file is being downloaded in the uri but I’d like to preview( preferably) or save it to the phone’s files.

Is there another way that I can preview this file without downloading, if not. What should I add to this solution.

This is the code that I am using for doing this:

  const handleFileDownload = (document) => {
    myApi.getDocument(token, document)
          .then((result) => {
        if (result.ok) {
          FileSystem.makeDirectoryAsync(FileSystem.documentDirectory + 'app_docs/', { intermediates: true });
            FileSystem.documentDirectory + 'app_docs/' + document.fileName
          ).then(({ uri }) => {
            console.log('Finished downloading to ', uri);
            .catch(error => {
              console.error('error downloading: ', error)
      .catch((err) => {
        console.log('Could not communicate with the server!', err.message)