Playing a custom sound for local notificaitons


I’m trying to get a custom notification sound to work.
It looks like I should be able to set the sound to a string here:

At the moment only the default sound plays, I would like to get a custom wav playing.
Setting the sound to a string has no effect. What should I do?
Hope you can help!!

(this is on iOS/SDK version 39)


custom notification sounds are currently bare workflow only, so you’ll have to expo eject before using that feature

This is because the files need to be in a particular location (on Android- in the res/raw sources, and on iOS- in the iOS application bundle), which you only have access to adding files to in the bare workflow

Thanks for your quick response - so eject, then add the sound file (say “alarm.wav” to the bundle in XCode), and refer to by simple filename in the js?

that’s correct, it should look like this:

on android, you should place it in: android/app/src/main/res/raw/

then in your JS code you’d just reference it as notification.wav

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Hey, I just tried this (see alarm.wav in XCode) but wasn’t able to get the sound to work.

I’m at the moment in development mode using the simulator.
Do I need to create a production binary build?

const _notificationID = await Notifications.scheduleNotificationAsync({
        content: {
          title: "One Alarm",
          subtitle: "It's time.",
          sound: "alarm.wav",


no it works on a development build for me as well, you may want to run your app through the debugger to see what’s going on

Thanks, I did a git reset --hard, ejected again, went through the steps this time it worked! I must have bungled something the first time. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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