Play encountered an error: audio session not activated.

I have an app that plays a list of sound files in sequence. It works fine when the app is in the foreground. When the app is backgrounded, the audio continues to play. However, once the current audio file ends, and it tries to play the next in the list, I get the following error:

Play encountered an error: audio session not activated.

I’m on SDK 35 with staysActiveInBackground: true, and “UIBackgroundModes”: [“audio”].

Is this a known issue/limitation? Are there any workarounds?

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We also have this issue. We want to play through a playlist of audio but it only works when the screen is active.

Audio plays in background until file ends, it won’t go to the next one and same error:
“Play encountered an error: audio session not activated.”

SDK 35,
staysActiveInBackground: true
“UIBackgroundModes”: [“audio”]

This happens also for us with SDKs 33, 34 and 35 on our iOS App. Android Works Fine.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s an issue for this. If there’s any relevant info missing from the bug report, please add a comment there. Otherwise subscribe to it to for progress notifications.

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