Obfuscate expo app ? any experience ?

How to obfuscate the app build in expo ? whats the step ? I tried to google but wasnt clear and not a lot of infos, mostly ony obfuscating pure rn.

do i have to obfuscate everytime before ‘expo publish’ ? or before build apk/ipac ? if i obfuscate before apk, then when i publish again… it shouldnt be have any problem right ?

does obfuscate include encrypt the javascript ? or only native code ? i don’t need to eject to obfuscate right ?

what kind of common problem after obfuscating ? is it okay to not obfuscating the app for playstore and apple store? i dont have any secret key but a lot of url inside


No updates on this one?

I’d try searching for react native obfuscators.

e.g. like maybe react-native-obfuscator - npm

EDIT: The following also looks promising, but slightly out of date. You should no longer need to eject if you’re using EAS Build.

Did you try any of them?

No, I have not

Okay, because I already tried the ones mentioned above and they don’t really work

What did you try? What issues did you run into?

I integrated it like it is stated in the documentation, but obfuscation is not done, when I inspect the generated .js files

What did your metro config look like?

Did you use EAS Build?

I tried to sign up for JScrambler a free trial, but am not getting the confirmation e-mails :man_shrugging:

Exactly the same as in the tutorials - I don’t have any custom metro config.

No I did not use the EAS build.