Notification messages with multiple recipients

SDK Version: 44 (but likely all)

Each ticket corresponds to the message at its respective index (the nth receipt is for the nth message) and contains a receipt ID

This message is from the documentation regarding tickets returned when sending messages using sendPushNotification API.

This, however, is wrong if you pass an array in the to field of the message. E.g { to:["ExpoPushToken[TOKEN1]", "ExpoPushToken[TOKEN1]"] }.

In this case I send one message but get two tickets back. The problem here is that the index no longer matches 1-1 between chunk index and ticket index.

Is there a way to deal with this? My specific problem is that I have some tokens that fail and some that do not and I want to find back to the message that caused this. Naively you can look in all messages to field (if you first bother to regex extract the token from the error message that may or not be there). But if there is more than one message in the same chunk for the same token you are kind of lost, no?

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