Not all downloaded local images loading

I managed to solve an issue I posted about here, but I’m still having problematic results:

I’m using FileSystem to download photos from Google Drive. I’ve managed to get them saved to device storage successfully, however they do not always load. I originally thought this was an Android issue (and having to set the gradle or xml permissions to large heap), but this is appearing on iOS as well.

Doing a check if the file already exists before downloading makes the images not appear what-so-ever.

Using “resizeMethod=resize” doesn’t help either.

It’s kind of hit and miss one which icons load, and which do not load. Killing the app and Expo on the device and reopening often results in different icons being displayed.

Could be this an issue with downloadAsync? Or perhaps documentDirectory (in terms of saving or displaying)? What might be some good ways to debug/help find the issue?

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