No such table - SQLite in Expo react native project

Hello everyone.
I want to use SQLite with my Expo react native project. So I downloaded DB browser for SQLite and created the database and tables before loading them into my project.

Now I have the pre-populated database that I want to load into my project. I had several problems like this database doesn’t exist …etc. However I solved it by having a database module:

// database.js
import * as SQLite from 'expo-sqlite';

module.exports = SQLite.openDatabase('myDb.db');

And then import it in my Home Page in Screens folder:

import Database from '../db/database';

  function myFunction(){
    console.log("Enter Function");
  Database.transaction(function(txn) {
    console.log("Enter Transaction");
    "INSERT INTO users (name, email, password) VALUES ('Lama', 'lama@gmail,com', 'lam123');",  
  ); //end txn
}, function (error){

}//end myFunction()

The console logs:

Enter Function
WebSQLDatabase {
  "_currentTask": null,
  "_db": SQLiteDatabase {
    "_closed": false,
    "_name": "myDb.db",
  "_running": false,
  "_txnQueue": Queue {
    "length": 0,
  "exec": [Function anonymous],
  "version": "1.0",
Enter Transaction
Error code 1: no such table: users
- node_modules/expo-sqlite/build/SQLite.js:36:15 in _deserializeResultSet
* [native code]:null in map
- node_modules/expo-sqlite/build/SQLite.js:16:40 in SQLiteDatabase#exec
- node_modules/promise/setimmediate/core.js:37:14 in tryCallOne
- node_modules/promise/setimmediate/core.js:123:25 in setImmediate$argument_0
- node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Core/Timers/JSTimers.js:146:14 in _callTimer
- node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Core/Timers/JSTimers.js:194:17 in _callImmediatesPass
- node_modules/react-native/Libraries/Core/Timers/JSTimers.js:458:30 in callImmediates
* [native code]:null in callImmediates
- node_modules/react-native/Libraries/BatchedBridge/MessageQueue.js:407:6 in __callImmediates
- node_modules/react-native/Libraries/BatchedBridge/MessageQueue.js:143:6 in __guard$argument_0
- node_modules/react-native/Libraries/BatchedBridge/MessageQueue.js:384:10 in __guard
- node_modules/react-native/Libraries/BatchedBridge/MessageQueue.js:142:17 in __guard$argument_0
* [native code]:null in flushedQueue
* [native code]:null in invokeCallbackAndReturnFlushedQueue

I don’t really know what I’m missing here, I have tried the code to create Another database and it works and adds records (although I can’t find where the database is located in my laptop). I also tried to add a record from the DB browser to myDb and it works:

I found this question asked before but there are not helping answers: SQLite Expo API, no such table in pre-populated file?

Thank you in advance!

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