No Firebase App '[DEFAULT]' in Expo app

I have reviewed the other instances of this issue on this forum but could not find an answer to my problem.

My situation is I am trying to setup Firebase in a manage expo app. I carefully followed the steps in this doc. And I also installed expo-firebase-core and expo-firebase-analytics in order to auto-initialize the Firebase app.

I added the proper sections in the app.json and added the google-services.json and the proper path to it. I do not call “firebase.initializeApp” since the expo-firebase-core is supposed to do that for me (that is my understanding).

The good news is when I do “expo start” and run the app in the web, everything works! However, the problem is if I then try to run the app using the expo app on my Android device, it fails with the “No Firebase App ‘[DEFAULT]’ in Expo app” error.

How can I debug or diagnose this issue? Is expo-firebase-core not supported to auto-initialize in the expo client app?

Hey @mmanela,

Did you follow the client specific configuration steps mentioned here?


That information confuses me a bit. I am using the manage workflow and it mentions that

the standard Expo Client loads projects on demand, it does not have the google-services configuration linked into its app-bundle.

So I imagine that is the problem. But it doesn’t offer a solution for manage workflow. Is it just that I need to call app initialize myself?