New user windows 10 - XDE crying about npm

Just installed like any newbieuser does
Fired 'er up and - ! can’t find npm

what is that - some kind of special secret or intelligence test?

me fail

You’ll be able to change the code without npm but as soon as you want to install libraries you’ll need it:


thanks for the answer but I still don’t get it …

I’m thinking there should be more detailed installation instructions.

There is no code yet to change.

I was expecting a list of modules like in the online examples (that worked well).

Can anyone point to what all I should be dong to setup this environment?

You should probably read the docs, there are very detailed installation instructions :grinning:

I suggest YOU read the docs because there are no details for setting up a windows 10 install that include say - installing node.js first if it is not installed already.

As I said above, you don’t need node unless you want to install additional libraries. Please be a nice person if you expect other people to help you.

Please stop replying to this thread.
Your comments are not helpful and are of no real value.

I work on XDE, so I would argue my comments are very valuable. I gave you a link to install Node and explained why we don’t tell you to do that in the docs. What’s the current problem?

You can ague what you want, but the instructions are incomplete, the documentation is not sufficiently comprehensive and your recommendations assume too many things about what the user knows.

It looks like I will have to solve this myself and not expect too much in the way of relevant support.

You seem to to desperate to prove yourself right and have the last word.
Feel free to go for it.

Feel free to send a PR if you think the docs could use an improvement.