New modules made with Expo modules API memory usage

I recently wrote two libraries for the new arch stuff: react-native-hashing and react-native-expo-sha256.

The first one is just a pure C++ module that gets added to the runtime and gets directly executed on each platform, the second one uses the new Expo modules API so i can write the code in Kotlin and Swift and let it be implemented using JSI or the old bridge based on the users package.

Here is my question for the expo dev team: Suppose i have a data in JS land that i want to hash (Say, 2 MB). Based on each architecture, how many copies of my data will exist? We know there will be a JS one because that is where the data was defined, but how about the rest of it? Will there be a copy in each language?

Hi @p.nasiri

If you don’t get an answer here, try on the #creating-expo-modules channel on Discord

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Thanks @wodin. I messaged it there as well as i feel like it is the more appropriate place for it. If i get any answers, I’ll paste it here for future reference of anyone who comes by it. It is super exciting what the expo team is doing

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