My language es.json translation file is being ignored on publish

  1. SDK Version: ^39.0.5
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

Hello, when i use expo publish to see my new added language in locales folder it is being ignored. I couldn’t find a proper solution except this; Asset Caching - Expo Documentation saying that they must be explicitly required somewhere in the app. What does that actually mean? My first 3 languages work fine only the last one is ignored.

import en from "./en.json";
import tr from "./tr.json";
import de from "./de.json";
import es from "./es.json";

import I18n from "i18n-js";

I18n.translations = {

I have found the problem is not the file but rather i forgot to import locale/es in app.js for momentjs.

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