Missing image after ejecting

I recently ejected my project into the bare workflow but now when I build from XCode, I don’t see an image that was previously there when I was running it with expo run:ios -d. Is there something I need to do to get the image back?

Hey @t3db0t, can you specify what Image you are talking about? Splash screen? App Icon? A file you are loading with the Image component in the app?


A file via an <Image> component, yes.

More info on the error here: Expo/React Native: Can't find image file after ejecting to bare workflow - Stack Overflow

The image shows up normally when I build with expo run:ios but can’t be found when building from XCode.

I see a potential solution here: xcode - React Native BareWorkflow images don't show when ios release build - Stack Overflow

But my question is: will manually running react-native bundle ... mess with Expo in some way if I do this? Wouldn’t asset bundling already be a part of the ejected XCode project?

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