missing create-manifest-android.gradle

following the guide to set up expo -updates. but so far its not working!. in your instructions you listed to add this line
" …/node_modules/expo-updates/scripts/create-manifest-ios.sh " to the build_phases in xCode and " …/node_modules/expo-updates/scripts/create-manifest-android.gradle" in the build.gradle file in android, but i checked and none of these files exist, therefore the build fails. I tried to remove the line, the build works but the assets are not bundled correctly . please update your documentation or include steps to get these files. it is frustrating trying to debug this and trying to get a release build out

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This worked for me: If you have not gone to far on your eject, I recommend deleting the ios and android folders and installing updates as a managed workflow package. Then you can eject again.

i also have this issue, I don’t think deleting all the work in my android files is a viable solution