Micro frontend documentation ?

Hi there,

We are planning to start a new project (greenfield) and as we will have many teams working on different capabilities of the APP, we would like to investigate a strategy for working with Modules/MFEs on an EXPO project.

Aspects we already know are important:

  • If two MFE/Products use the exact same library, it should be bundled only once into the main APP;
  • APP size is important;
  • Use the same Design System implementation for all micro front ends; (This creates some coupling…unfortunately)
  • The APP and micro front end should be UNIVERSAL (Web, Android, and iOS);
  • Be able to rely on code Push or similar thing so that each team can update their own product;
  • Shared behavior should be INJECTED into the MFE, like, userAccessToken, Google Analytics, Log endpoints, and other general properties.

Any help would be really appreciated!!