MediaLibrary.getAssetsAsync with moment as album will result Error: Couldn't find album

SDK Version: 41
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

I’m trying to get assets inside the moment so I did like below.

const mediaType = [,]
const albums = await MediaLibrary.getMomentsAsync() album => {
  const assets = await MediaLibrary.getAssetsAsync({ album, mediaType })

This will raise error.

backend.js:32 Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 247):
Error: Couldn't find album
Error: Couldn't find album
    at Object.promiseMethodWrapper [as callMethod] (
    at Object.NativeModulesProxy.<computed>.<computed> [as getAssetsAsync] (
    at getAssetsAsync$ (
    at tryCatch (
    at Generator.invoke [as _invoke] (
    at (
    at tryCatch (
    at invoke (
    at tryCallTwo (

I also tried to pass the ID string as an album await MediaLibrary.getAssetsAsync({ album:, mediaType }) but it still raises error.
I can get the assets from the normal albums (from MediaLibrary.getAlbumsAsync) without any problem.

Is this a bug? or am I missing something?

Hey @foloinfo, could you provide a runnable reproduction of this in a Snack so we can quickly run and test it on our end?


Hi @adamjnav thanks for reply.

I made a reproduction with snack here.

If you change getMomentsAsync to getAlbumsAsync it works fine.
It returns album but not the assets, I confirmed it with virtual machine and actual device (iOS).


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