Maximum file size limit - how to deal with it?

I am developing an application using Expo that includes an SQLite database. I’m quite a beginner with Expo/RN. I want the application to work offline (I don’t care about OTA, I use expo to simplify the development and build process)

Recently the DB size got over 30 MB and I cannot build anymore. expo build:android fails with “status code 413” because there is a limit on the asset size on the Expo build service.

Any ideas how to solve it besides ejecting?
I have two

  • The Priority plan says it provides “Prioritized build infrastructure” - will that increase the limit? That would be worthy upgrading to the paid plan.
  • I could compress (zip/gzip?) the database - that would have added benefit of smaller app download. Is there a way to uncompress zipped file in Expo/RN?

Update: I tried the Priority plan (there is a month free trial) and it didn’t help, there is still the limit on asset size.

I think your options are as follows:

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