MailComposer + HTML Content + Android

Does anyone know if there is something special that I have to do (besides setting isHtml to true) to make HTML-formatted emails work properly with MailComposer under Android? Is this a very sore subject? I noticed that other queries about this were never answered & then eventually closed without resolution. Please help - my emails are somewhat dependent on an HTML table to look readable. If I need to find another way - I need to know.


  • Dave Allen
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Hi dvallen,

Did you figure this out? I am facing it & the doc only says “isHtml - Whether the body contains HTML tags so it could be formatted properly. Not working perfectly on Android.”
As far as I can see it doesn’t work at all, although ios is running fine. :frowning:

Same here - iOS is fine. I am sending a plain text email from Android right now. It isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done.

I submitted a documentation bug to reflect the reality that it doesn’t work at all.

If things get less busy, I will work on a minimal example for a bug submission.

Hoping that the documentation bug will inspire someone to fix the problem :slight_smile:

That would be swell! Thanks for taking the initiative Lili.

@dvallen, @ldwight if I understand correctly, the expo-mail-composer code basically just creates an ACTION_SENDTO intent with a “mailto:” uri.

So it seems that expo-mail-composer doesn’t have a huge amount of control over how the intent is handled.

See e.g.: