locale setting before my app upload to App Store

I am a little bit confused with the locale setting in app.json before my app provide to App Store.

in expo documentation it was saying:

“If your app uses a language besides English, you can optionally provide localized strings for the system dialogs. For example, in app.json, you can provide
“locales”: {
“ru”: “./languages/russian.json”
…where russian.json looks like:
“NSContactsUsageDescription”: “Hello Russian words”

my app contains Chinese. and I am confused on “NSContactsUsageDescription”: “Hello Russian words”

so should that be “NSContactsUsageDescription”: “Hello Chinese words” or “NSContactsUsageDescription”: “你好中文”

thank you

hi @markmoo,

it should be “NSContactsUsageDescription”: “你好中文”, where it is the chinese equivalent of the original english phrase.

Thank you

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