LocalAuthentication.isEnrolledAsync() returns false though my facial data is saved in the device

Here is my configuration

"expo": "44.0.0",
"expo-local-authentication": "12.1.0",
"react": "17.0.1",
"react-native": "0.64.3",

I have saved facial data in my Android Device(Motorola Edge Fusion 20) and able to unlock my device . But LocalAuthentication.isEnrolledAsync() returns false when ran in my React-Native app.

Is face unlock supported byexpo-local-authentication or Am I doing any configuration mistakes?

Hi @syamk, face ID is supported via expo-local-authentication package. Can you please share a minimal reproducible example of how you are using it?

import * as LocalAuthentication from 'expo-local-authentication';

const { isEnrolledAsync, hasHardwareAsync } = LocalAuthentication;
let checkHardwareAndEnroll = await hasHardwareAsync() && await isEnrolledAsync();

when I called isEnrolledAsync(), it returns false though facial data is stored in my device.