Linking listener stacking and firing multiple time on webbrowser callback

  1. SDK Version: 42
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
  3. expo-linking 2.3.1 / expo-web-browser 9.2.0

I’m facing a weird issue, where Linking.removeEventListener is fired but does not remove the listener. At the end of my WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync, the listener create with Linking.addEventListener , is stacking on my components, and the first time I call this I got one event fired, and the second time, I got two events fired …

Here a sample of my code:

    _handleWebSecureAsync = async (urlGo) => {
        let result = await WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync(`${urlGo}`);

    eventLinking(url) {

    _addLinkingListener = () => {
        Linking.addEventListener('url', this.eventLinking.bind(this));

    _removeLinkingListener = () => {
        Linking.removeEventListener('url', this.eventLinking.bind(this));

    _handleRedirect (event) {
        if (Platform.OS === 'ios') WebBrowser.dismissBrowser();
        else this._removeLinkingListener();
        let data = Linking.parse(event.url);

I followed the documentation and this tutorial. But it’s not working as expected.

So if I’m making one call on my function _handleWebSecureAsync it’s ok, but if I’m doing two call (one after the other, with some time between), the handler of linking is fired twice at the same time, and I can’t manage to cut the second if the first is in progress because they are fired at the same exact time. That’s why I think it’s the Linking.removeEventListener that is not doing is job.
I tried to cut all other call in front, and on my backend, but nothing to so, they are so in the same timing that I can’t control them…

Hope someone can help me, it’s REALLY annoying!

Thanks in advance, have a good day!

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