Linking.addEventListener('url') working on iOS but not on Android in production

i am using SDK 30.0.0 and expo: “^30.0.1”,

In the iOS simulator it works fine.

On Android my link opens the app but the Linking.addEventListener(‘url’) is not fired.
On Android the Linking.getInitialURL() is working fine

Hey @rrijkers,

Is this happening on an Android simulator or a device? If so, what device(s)?



happens on Samsung Galaxy S6 device with android 7.0

Hi! @rrijkers,

Have you found any fixes or workarounds? I am facing the same issue on Galaxy S7 / Android 8.0

Hi @asaad Unfortunately not yet. Hopefully we find a fix soon

Hi all! Could you please check if suggestion that can be found in would fix the issue? :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re facing a similar issue that I explain in detail in Issues with Linking: Deep links opening in dev mode but not in Android published builts (standalone app).

We have our custom scheme defined in the app.json, but it’s still failing (only on Android in prod).

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