JS OTA updates behave unexpectedly

in my app i have a screen that shows the current app version.
I’ve published this app to play and appstore.

As expected, the apps grab OTA updates. Unexpectedly, however, the behavior seems to be inconsistent and flaky. I have nothing concrete to point to because the apps are running in production mode and i don’t get debug output.
The behavior is that the apps will report being updated to the latest version. Functionally, however, they will behave with bugs that seem to be from a previous version, or even some new ones we don’t recognize.

If the app is deleted off the phone, however, and then current version of app is downloaded (which is already published) things work as expected.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

If no one has any idea about this, is there a config or something somewhere where I can disable OTA updates?
As much as I want this feature, it obviously doesn’t make sense if it is making the app unstable.

hi @wexpo,

  1. What platform are you using? If you are using Android 6, the inconsistent behavior could be due to the default Android backup feature: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33169618/an-android-app-remembers-its-data-after-uninstall-and-reinstall

  2. Docs to disabling OTA updates: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/configuration.html#isremotejsenabled

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  1. interesting. I think they have been marshmallow actually. does this affect nougat and oreo as well? Is there a way i can tune android:allowBackup and android:fullBackupContent in app.json?

  2. thank you. i know i saw that somewhere. Is there an equivalent android option?

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