Jail broken / root detection


It seems apps nowadays are handling / transmitting more sensitive information than ever, we’re getting several requests from people to add jail break / root detection and lock out the app for security reasons.

Is there a way of doing this easily in expo / the javascript?

I understand there are instances where you could never detect a rooting but it seems there are alot of tests like violating sandbox + checking for other commonly used jailbroken / rooted apps like external package managers.

The difficulty I am running into is I see alot of the libraries but it means including custom bits of apple/android specific code and that complicates the expo build alot.

Would be nice to have this as a flaggable feature in the expo app itself but I cant see anything.

Any ideas or anyone know of some reasnoble solutions?


Hi! We don’t support this right now, but you can write up a feature request here: Feature Requests | Expo.

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