Issues with Android Studio setup

I got to the point where ~/.bash_profile needed to be run.

That didn’t work at first, I think I was able to get a bash_profile created. I followed this:

I input the lines needed with my personal path. I tired a couple different ways in case, no joy.

[ -d "$HOME/Library/Android/sdk" ] && ANDROID_SDK=$HOME/Library/Android/sdk || ANDROID_SDK=$HOME/Android/Sdk
echo "export ANDROID_SDK=/Users/jaikar/Library/Android/sdk" >> ~/`[[ $SHELL == *"zsh" ]] && echo '.zshenv' || echo '.bash_profile'`
echo "export PATH=/Users/jaikar/Library/Android/sdk:$PATH" >> ~/`[[ $SHELL == *"zsh" ]] && echo '.zshenv' || echo '.bash_profile'`

Either my bash_profile isn’t working at all or something with the code isn’t correct. Running adb does nothing still


I did something and was able to get the emulator running.
adb still does nothing
I got this message when using a to open android:

› Opening on Android...
Couldn't start project on Android: adb E 14514 1050294 usb_osx.cpp:138] Unable to create an interface plug-in (e00002be)
error: could not install *smartsocket* listener: Address already in use
ADB server didn't ACK
* failed to start daemon *
error: cannot connect to daemon
 › Press ? │ show all commands
› Opening on Android...
Couldn't adb reverse: device 'adb' not found

Hey @jaikar, I would recommend looking at StackOverflow posts and google searching to solve these types of issues. Unfortunately we don’t have the bandwidth to help with non-expo related environment setup.


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