Issue with publishing Expo App on App Store

Hello everyone,

I need an advice.
I have a website for local coupons / discounts: I found that mostly traffic is coming from mobile devices and decided to build iOS and Android applications - which I did in Expo. Here is app: Expo
I already published app on Play Market and it got approved. But when I tried to publish it on App Store - got rejection - “4.2.2 Design: Minimum Functionality”.
However, there are some apps in App Store which has exactly the same UI and features, but my app has also push notifications for discount updates. Also, I see on Envato (CodeCanyon) more of apps with webview functionality which has guarantee of approving on App Store.


  1. Is there any service which helps in approving app on App Store? Maybe by making necessary changes.
  2. If I will be subscribed to Expo EAS - is there any chance that app will be approved through it?

Maybe someone had the same issue and solved it. Any advice will be helpful.