Is the Manifest in app.json loaded before the root App component is initialized?

I’m trying to read a config variable from app.json when initializing the root Component of my app (in App.js). The value is loaded in the constructor and used as a conditional check on whether to initialize a piece of middleware.

When I read it from Constants.manifest.extra, the value prints correctly, however the variable appears to be undefined at the time of checking the conditional in the constructor. (I tested this a number of ways)

When I hard code a global variable at the top of App.js, I get the behavior I expect.

I have no idea how to account for this except that maybe there’s a race condition between reading the manifest and construction of the root App component? Can anyone shed some light?


Expo SDK v28.0.0 / XDE 2.24.4
Windows 10
react: 16.3.1

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