Is it possible to use react-native-radio-player?

I’m not clear on the limitations of expo and 3rd party libraries.
I tried installing and using this GitHub - dehy/react-native-radio-player: A React Native Module capable of playing Internet Radio Streams

But I get the error Native Module cannot be null.

I have tried rebuilding and linking but same result.

Is it that the library is not compatible?

Hi @brianshano

By the look of the error message that module contains native code. Up until recently, that would have meant you would have to eject, which would basically turn your app into a plain React Native app.

These days there is EAS Build (or expo run), Config Plugins and Custom Dev Clients, which allow you to use native code while keeping a workflow pretty much like the old Managed workflow. It doesn’t even look like you will need a config plugin with this library.

Excellent thank you for the pointers, I’ll read through them and try get it work.

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