Is it possible to download published expo bundles laptop corrupted

My slug is photoboxx and I am trying to get our latest revision of JS code. My laptop went corrupted and therefore lost data of the changes. Even a minified code of the JS code will help reduce the amount of work I need to restore

Any help is much appreciated.

Any ideas on how I could get it? From another thread, stated that I could get it if I knew the expo bundle package to where I could grab from even if it is compiled JS it would still help with rebuilding.

Thank you

You can unzip apk, js bundle will be under assets/shell-app.bundle

I need the one that is associated on the published, the one I have locally is not the one deployed to production.

Any idea on how I can access the published bundle that isn’t local?

Sorry I forgot about this question. What’s wrong with unzipping apk? If there was some ota updates along the way just run expo build:android --no-publish and extract bundle from that apk.

Are you saying so if I run expo build:android without publishing it’ll grab the bundle?

‘expo build:android’ is not supported for detached projects.

Any help would be much appreciated, I am having some issues trying to get it. When I view my local I can see that I can get the

But this is the one that is rev 1, where I need the one that is current aka rev 3. I know there is a way to get it, and if needed please have someone message me privately I would appreciate that i could move forward with my project and tasks.

figured it out thanks

I don’t need to do this at the moment, but would nevertheless be interested to know how you did it :smile: if you don’t mind writing it up here.

Quiet simple really, we already know that the is the root of all manifest urls. With proper headers you can have it output the JSON which would contain the bundleUrl of the manifest you are seeking. What really helped me was this article

With the headers you must include the Exponent Platform/SDK Version etc.

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