Is IDFA (Advertising Identifier) used in Bare Workflow?

My app is a current expo-0.37 app in bare workflow. When publishing to the AppStore, Apple asks, whether I use the IDFA. While I found information on IDFA being used in (or at least compiled into) normal expo apps, I haven’t found definitive answers for the bare workflow. Can anyone provide a quick answer, to what I should answer in this question?

I think should be no if you have not installed expo-facebook/segment etc,…

According to this thread(Your app is using the Advertising Identifier (IDFA). You must either provide details about the IDFA usage or remove it from the app and submit your binary again. · Issue #1138 · expo/expo · GitHub), expo uses segment by default so we need to tick IDFA option in iOS App Store.

For bare workflow, I take a look on expo package itself(expo/package.json at master · expo/expo · GitHub), it doesn’t have segment dependency. And since the app built from bare workflow and release process are not controlled by Expo, it seems not possible to bundle the standalone apk/ipa with segment.

But if you have installed facebook packages or other related packages, you may need to tick IDFA option.

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Thank you Oscar, makes sense!

I did submit the app for TestFlight (with „no“ IDFA) and at least it didn’t trigger any automatic alert.

Greetings! Stefan

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