Is getCurrentDeviceCountryAsync() working?

Hello everyone,

I tested :

const [deviceCountry, currentLocale] = await Promise.all([
console.log(“deviceCountry”, “currentLocale”);
console.log(deviceCountry, currentLocale);

I’m in France (Paris). If I switch the language of my phone to English (UK), I get :

deviceCountry = FR
currentLocale = en-GB

Is it normal ? Shouldn’t it be deviceCountry = GB ?

What is getCurrentDeviceCountryAsync() output then ?

Thanks !

PS: I’m using SDK v25


Is this iOS? Android? What model and version?

Hello @edgar,

Thanks for your quick answer ! :smile:

I’m using the Expo App on iOS to test my project. My device is iPhone 6S, iOS 11.2.6

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