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Currently trying to get a video to play within an Expo app, however using this example it works fine on Android, but on iOS it only plays the sound.

All I’ve done is copy and paste that whole example into a page on my app, so is this a bug? Any help would be great!

Seems to be because I’m on SDK 19.00, it works on the snack in 20.00 and above. Time to update my version, although that always leads to many errors!

Hi @flecket - we try and minimize the pain involved with upgrading SDK versions, so I’m sorry to hear it’s been a pain point for you in the past :frowning: I’m assuming you’re aware of the upgrade instructions we always post in the release notes, but if not, be sure and take a look – here are the ones for SDK 25:

Beyond that, if you’re running into specific issues while upgrading, please feel free to let us know here & we’ll try to help!

Thanks for the response esamelson.

No worries with the upgrading, it is my fault too, as I always end up doing it just before I need to release an urgent bug fix, so I’ve never got the time to sort any errors. Upgrading to SDK 20 went really smoothly, and I followed the release notes. Time to release a bug fix to our app for the video, and then I’m going to upgrade to SDK 25!

Thanks for a great product by the way, made doing this app much quicker and easier!


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