iOS Standalone Push Notifications Issue: This app does not have permission to show notifications

I posted this bug over at github:

TL;DR - Permissions for push return as “granted” when they have not in fact been granted. Attempts to obtain device token after the code proceeds to try on standalone iOS does not work with the error message “This app does not have permission to show notifications”. (See the github issue for full error detail/screenshots). Works fine in Expo Client.

Speculation is that the permissions status returned is wrong and since it will not prompt the user to grant permission in order to obtain permission, it never gets off the ground.

Question: Is there anyone out there who is using SDK v35/iOS 13.1/Standalone App and is able to use Push Notifications successfully? If yes, it would be helpful to know there may be something in particular wrong with my setup/certs/etc.


I’m seeing a similar issue. Push notifications have stopped working and we’re seeing the following error:

The device was unable to register for remote notifications with Apple

I’ve gone through various posts mentioning to delete the provisioning profile, then recreate it via new build. When I did that it disabled all push notification for all users (ios 12 and 13). At a bit of a loss now as to how to fix this.

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