iOS Not getting Push Notifications

So while testing my app through Expo running (ie: real devices - iPhone/Android etc) - The Push Notifications are working fine on both iPhone & Android.

But AFTER i create apk and ipa and upload them to App Store & Google Play =

The Android is Receiving Push Notifications fine.
But, the iPhone is NOT receiving Push Notifications.

I used Expo to create my builds and create all Certs, Prov Profiles, etc. (using exp build:ios and exp build:android)

What am i missing?

NOTE: I did NOT run this in my project = exp fetch:ios:certs
Do i need to do that?

Also, in Apple Dev Portal - Should i be Uploading or Downloading any Certs?

What does the Expo push server respond with? Also be 100% sure that you have asked the user for permission to send push notifications and that they have not revoked that permission.

You do not need to upload or download any certificates. What you did – letting Expo manage your Apple developer certificates – is the most reliable approach.

Sorry, as I am not full developer (and i do not have one), I am limited on knowledge.

  1. To answer your question “what does expo server respond with?” - I do not know. Where would i find this?

  2. What do you mean “ask the user for permission to send push notification” ? If you mean, the OTHER person clicking “Allow Expo to send you notifications” on App Install - Yes, the other user presses “Allow”.

  3. I am also getting another issue now - Whenever i create build, then upload to App Store, then create Testflight build - When i open the Testflight build on my iPhone - Instead of it just Opening the App, it takes me to the “Expo App” now! (it did not used to do this). Why is this doing this now??

Thank you

  1. When you send a message to the Expo push server, you get back some kind of response. What is it?
  2. Yes, the person using the app must tap “Allow” on the dialog asking if the app may send them notifications. And they must leave that permission intact.
  3. I’ve never heard of this happening. I am not sure why opening one app would lead to opening another.

Unfortunately we did not hear back from you.

However, We fixed issue.

But, if you can please assist:

  1. On (Lock-Screen) OR (if app minimized) - If user does not “swipe” the notification (to goto message) then the “red dot indicator” does not go away on app icon. It just stays.

  2. On Lollipop (and above) Notification icon appears to be = “white blank square”.


Before build and running in Expo - All is working fine.

However, AFTER build - iOS is not receiving push notifications. (see attached)

But, we did not Revoke anything from App Dev.

Maybe we deleted something in our Keychain?

Yes. We are doing exp build:ios

All seems to build fine.

But after apps are published at App Store, the iPhone is not RECEIVING notifications.

All Certs / Profiles are in App Dev. We can see them. Do not see any issues.

  1. Are we missing a step somewhere?
  2. Do we need to DOWNLOAD any Cert or anything and put into our Local Keychain on imac?

Please help!

Have you revoked any push notification certificates? Expo needs a valid, production push notification certificate – otherwise it’s impossible to send notifications. This error can also occur if you are using a Sandbox certificate. You must provide a push notification certificate for the production environment (see “certificate revoked” on Technical Note TN2265: Troubleshooting Push Notifications).

We recently (earlier today) tested creating a standalone app with Expo and verified that push notifications are working on iOS, so it appears likely that this is an issue with your push notification certificate. If you need further help, we also offer support plans (same-day, 8-hour, and proactive) here: Get Support — Expo.

  1. No. I do not believe we have revoked any push not cert. (see attached)

However, We “may” have deleted something from our KeyChain on our Mac. Does this have anything to do with it?

1a. Do we need to DOWNLOAD, then put something into our KeyChain?

  1. We are not using any “Sandbox” items. This is simply build from Visual Code / Expo XDE / with exp:build ios and all seems to build fine. We get .ipa fine.

Please see attached. All seems to be there?

  1. Could someone please provide the FULL steps in creating a build via exp build:ios ?

  2. Are we missing a Step somewhere?

  3. Do we need to Download anything, then Upload something somewhere?

  4. Do we need to Download anything, then put into our KeyChain?

  5. Do we need to Download anything, then “double-click” to install on our machine, and then create a new build?

  6. Do we need to also - Upload New build to App Store?

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