iOS and Android Splash Screen issues

Hello I am having trouble with the splash screen on my standalone Android and iOS apps. For some reason it is only showing a blank white screen on Android and no splash screen will show at all.

For iOS there is a lag of 3 seconds where it only shows a white screen before the splash screen loads.

I added the configs for splash in app.json

I am on SDK 23 for Expo and I have not detatched to expo kit

It is also working fine on my android/ios devices inside of the expo app for development, just not on the standalone

    "name": "xxxx",
    "description": "Messenger",
    "slug": "xxxx",
    "privacy": "public",
    "sdkVersion": "23.0.0",
    "version": "1.5.3",
    "orientation": "portrait",
    "primaryColor": "#cccccc",
    "icon": "./assets/icons/icon_android.png",
      "icon": "./assets/icons/notification.png"
    "splash": {
      "backgroundColor": "#4988dd",
      "resizeMode": "cover",
      "image": "./assets/images/lynxBackground.png",
    "packagerOpts": {
      "assetExts": ["ttf", "mp4"]
    "ios": {
      "supportsTablet": true,
      "bundleIdentifier": "xxxx",
      "buildNumber": "7",
      "icon": "./assets/icons/icon_lynx.png",
      "loadJSInBackgroundExperimental": true,
      "usesIcloudStorage": true
    "android": {
      "package": "xxxxx",

      "splash": {
        "ldpi": "./assets/images/lynxBackground.png",
        "mdpi": "./assets/images/lynxBackground.png",
        "hdpi": "./assets/images/lynxBackground.png",
        "xhdpi": "./assets/images/lynxBackground.png",
        "xxhdpi": "./assets/images/lynxBackground.png",
        "xxxhdpi": "./assets/images/lynxBackground.png",
        "resizeMode": "cover",
        "backgroundColor": "#4988dd",
      "versionCode": 7

One thing i was thinking is maybe the image needs to download from the assets folder? So maybe i should do the bundling of assets in app.json. and also upgrade to SDK 25.

I dont know though because in the example even in SDK 23 it should work fine. Is it maybe that the image is downloading from Expo and loads late?

Also, maybe i need to cache my assets?

It is really a bummer that this is not working on the published stand alone apps.

Hi @ezinator. Thanks for the detailed report. Is it easy for you to upgrade to the latest SDK? We’ve made improvements to the splash screen since 23 so probably easier to upgrade instead of debugging on an old SDK.

Ok, I will try this and report back in a couple of days

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