Invalid value for stylesheet property only fails at runtime

When using an invalid value for a stylesheet property, for example flex: "1" (the right type for the flex property is Number), everything succeeds, including the build, and then fails at runtime with an exception that prevents the application from working.

I was expecting that these errors would be caught at build time but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Any thoughts?

Yes, this is a bit annoying.

Fortunately it’s not something that has tripped me up often.

You could give this a try:

Makes no difference unfortunately. To clarify, I wouldn’t expect the bundler to be able to catch that, but when running the build in Expo, when the code is turned into native, I would definitely expect that these errors are caught.

It’s fairly easy to make mistakes when authoring stylesheets, especially when you come from Web and you’re used to the browser being a lot more forgiving, or supporting things that don’t exist in RN.

The fact that these errors can only be caught at runtime is definitely not great.

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