IntentFilter doesn't seem to work

Hey everyone!

I’ve been tasked with creating deep linking/universal linking for our app.
I managed to handle links in dev mode, within the expo client, but I can’t seem to get it to work within a standalone version of our app. The documentation seems clear enough and i did my best following it, but it just doesn’t seem to click. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

relevant part of the app.json file:
“expo”: {
“scheme”: ‘myapp’
“intentFilters”: [
“action”: “VIEW”,
“data”: [
“scheme”: “https”,
“host”: “*”,
"pathPattern: “/orgmobile*”
“category”: [

In standalone(expo-cli build:android --no-publish) version i can’t seem to open links. I put the ‘*’ because variables would be passed through parameters. Not sure if necessary, but i already tried out many different variations, and nothing seems to help. What’s even more, myapp:// links don’t seem to work either. I don’t get the android popup that it would like to use myapp to open links.

Did i miss a step somewhere? The implementation is written in a way, that it would work when the app is not open/foregrounded. But to me it seems like the intent filter is not triggering within the android system at all.

I’m using expo sdk 28, and expo-cli 2.2.0 to build.

Please let me know where i went wrong, if you can.

I found out that sdk 28 doesn’t support Universal Linking. Or at least it gave an error for me.

I also found out that --no-publish doesn’t create a new version, just the old bundle gets rebuilt.

I updated the sdk and stopped using no-publish, and most of my problems went away. I just can’t seem to get the parameters from a link when the app was already opened.

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