Incorrect SDK version in AndroidManifest.xml of built out APK

We have updated our app to the latest (27) and expect the build commands to produce an app targeting sdk 27, and this is particularly important to us as we are dealing with a bug that apparently was fixed in 27.

Is there a reason the AndroidManifest would be showing older sdk versions? These are the values in AndroidManifest.xml when inspecting the built out apk file using Android Studio.


and …

        android:targetSdkVersion="25" />

I’m also open to possibly misunderstanding the relationship here between expo and Android and if it’s even possible for that kind of granular customization of versions.

Hi @relishworks - the code you’ve pasted in from AndroidManifest is referring to the Android SDK version, which is totally separate from the Expo SDK version. It just happens that right about now, the numbers overlap a bit :disappointed: so sorry for the confusion. All of the configuration for the Expo SDK version is in your app.json and package.json files, so as long as those are both indicating 27, you’re good to go :+1:

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