ImagePicker.launchCameraAsync requires Permissions.CAMERA_ROLL?

Is there a reason why ImagePicker.launchCameraAsync requires both Permissions.CAMERA and Permissions.CAMERA_ROLL?

It means checking permissions for access to the camera and to the image library. It also means asking the user to enable access to the image library when only access to the camera is required. This may be confusing to the user and to the app developer in trying to justify access to the image library when only the camera is required.

Since Permissions.CAMERA_ROLL is not required for BarCodeScanner, why is it required for `ImagePicker?

Hey @visto9259,

On Android, the photos you take via the Camera will be saved to device’s Gallery which is why the permission is needed.


But on IOS, you realize that the user will be asked for two permissions where access to the Image library is not directly related to taking picture.

Then would it be possible to have a different behavior for IOS?

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