Image URI's not working on iOS after Expo 20.0.0 upgrade

Hey all,

I’ve upgraded from Expo 19.0.0 to 20.0.0 (and upgraded RN to 0.47) and now suddenly I’m having an issue where images loaded from URI’s gained from Expo.ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync() become invalid on the next launch/refresh of the application. I’m getting nothing in the console, logging the URI shows it should be a valid one but, just, nothing shows up.

The images are loaded in to a standard component from React Native.

I can’t find anything new in the react native changelog nor the Expo SDK changelog that would suggest any changes in behavior here, has anyone else ran in to this issue?

(I might have to try and replicate this in…)

Edit: This is happening running the application under the expo client, don’t have an environment to see if the issue exists when ejected.

Thanks for the report! Can you create a github issue for this?

I’ve been informed that those images aren’t guaranteed to stick around. You can use to make them permanent. Sorry about that, we’ll update the docs.

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Annoying they worked in the previous version but not now, ah well.

Thanks for the help, should be a quick fix, strangely enough I had a feeling that the URI’s given were now from a temporary cache! Should have investigated just a wee bit more.

Sorry about that, not sure why it changed between versions.