Image size change upon deployment

Anyone had any issues with images displaying fine in Expo but when they’re published to the app store things change? I’ve got all images specced correctly with appropriate @2x & @3x tags, but on iPhone 7 (at least) they appear to be coming out really big. Can’t work out what’s going on

Hey @ashhogarth, is this is occurring with all of your assets or certain ones?


hi @adamjnav sorry for my slow reply! Yes with all assets, you’ll notice in the screenshots, the image size for the icon next to the search bar has changed, and the images used within the Map for Markers. I thought this could be a react-native-maps issue but its happening next to the search bar where there its just a simple Image Tag with width, height, and resize mode set and so isn’t an issue isolated to the map only

Here’s how it renders within Expo before deployment to the app store for comparison

Does anyone have any idea about this? @adamjnav?

Sorry for being unresponsive here. Can you let me know what SDK version you are using? Two other things:

  1. Could you try creating a new project and building with a different map marker asset and see if the issue occurs? I would try both just a standard asset and another where you specify 2x, 3x.
  2. Have you tried to see if this occurs on the Android version of your app (if you have one)?

@adamjnav So I’ve just upgraded to the newest SDK, uploading to iOS now and will get back to you. Doesn’t occur on Android at all. What’s unusual is when I go into the Expo app and see it as a published project everything loads fine, it’s only when I go into the standalone deployed app that the image issue happens

No change in the new deployment, it seems as if this has been a recurring issue over the years @adamjnav , particularly with react-native-maps


Ok so some more detail which I think will help - if I prefetch the assets with expo-asset and Asset.loadAsync(require('path-to-file.png'))
the image then renders exactly like it does when I deploy the app to the app store. So I think what is happening is that iOS prefetches images as a default? or Expo on earlier iOS models prefetches images? Be interested on your thoughts


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