Icons not showing in distributed App


I’m using vector icons as described here (expo sdk 33):


When using the Expo Client (local/dev and also published version), the icons show up no problem. But in the Standalone app from Google PlayStore the icons are not showing. Thought maybe it helps to preload the fonts as described in the docs, but no luck either.
The Project also includes ‘react-native-elements’, same issue here.

Any suggestions on what else could be missing here?


Hey @niftyfit, have you only started seeing this issue after upgrading to SDK 33?

Hey @charliecruzan,

the project was initially created with sdk 32, but unfortunately it was never published as standalone app with sdk 32. so I upgraded to 33 and released to app store afterwards.

So I can’t tell, sorry.

Hm okay, I just ran a test on my end and both standalones show the icons properly, so there must be something specific to your project. Have you looked through the build logs for any errors?

OK, will try around to find out what’s going wrong in my setup.

@charliecruzan thank you for testing this out!

Will post when I’ve found the problem for clarification.

OK, so I don’t know what exactly caused the issue, but after deleting node_modules, metro-cache and building everything new it now works :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you

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Same problem here, sdk 33

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