how to use crypto,web3 module in Expo SDK v32

I want to develop SDKVersion32 instead of SDKVersion30.

I understand that expo-random, expo-crypto is currently under development.

I refer to the link for web3 use, but it only works on SDKVersion30

but SDKVersion32 has an error. How do I configure to use crypto,web3?


global.Buffer = require('buffer').Buffer;
global.process = require('process');

if (typeof btoa === 'undefined') {
  global.btoa = function(str) {
    return new Buffer(str, 'binary').toString('base64');

if (typeof atob === 'undefined') {
  global.atob = function(b64Encoded) {
    return new Buffer(b64Encoded, 'base64').toString('binary');


const extraNodeModules = require('node-libs-browser');
module.exports = {


 "babel-cli": "6.26.0",
 "babel-preset-es2015": "6.24.1",
 "dependencies": {
    "web3": "1.0.0-beta.34",
    "node-libs-browser": "2.1.0",

Also Please give us a lot of feedback if you know how to use sha3 256 without disconnecting expo.

Hey @taeeh,

You will have to wait til the release of SDK33 to make use of these modules.


So you can’t use web3 as SDK32 until it’s released?

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