How to Switch Tabs?

I have been using expo for a day and i am already interested and started simple learning project.

I am currently having issue with routing. I want to change the tabs.

export default class NewPackage extends React.Component { ..... render(){ ... <Button onPress={()=>{this.submit()}} title="Submit" color="#841584" accessibilityLabel="Submit" /> ... submit(){ .... this.props.navigator.push('list'); ...... }

The following is my root Navigation
render() { return ( <TabNavigation tabBarHeight={56} initialTab="home"> <TabNavigationItem id="home" renderIcon={isSelected => this._renderIcon('home', isSelected)}> <StackNavigation initialRoute="home" /> </TabNavigationItem> <TabNavigationItem id="new" renderIcon={isSelected => this._renderIcon('plus', isSelected)}> <StackNavigation initialRoute="newPackage" /> </TabNavigationItem> <TabNavigationItem id="list" renderIcon={isSelected => this._renderIcon('list', isSelected)}> <StackNavigation initialRoute="list" /> </TabNavigationItem> </TabNavigation>

The this.props.navigator('list'); seems to work but it opens the new view in the same tab. I want to switch tabs but i couldnot find a proper way. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.