How to run command(reset redux store) on Expo Error?

I am using redux-persist to persist my app’s state.It all works fine but once a user encounter an error, they get stuck on that particular broken state. I am trying to use a React error boundary to achive a scenario where I could reset the the app’s state before crashing, so that a refresh would boot a fresh copy of the app.
Think I might be missing some Expo internal to hook up to

import * as React from "react"
import { connect } from "react-redux"
import { View, Text } from "react-native"

class ErrorBoundaryClass extends React.Component<any, { hasError: boolean }> {
    constructor(props) {
        this.state = { hasError: false }

    public componentDidCatch(error, info) {
        // Display fallback UI
        this.setState({ hasError: true })
        this.props.dispatch({ type: "RESET" })

    public render() {
        if (this.state.hasError) {
            // You can render any custom fallback UI
            return <View><Text>Something went wrong.</Text></View>
        return this.props.children
export const ErrorBoundary = connect()(ErrorBoundaryClass)

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