How to read local BLOB file with FileSystem

I may be going about this wrong but I’m attempting to read a local (relative path) BLOB file stored in my project. I’m trying to use FileSystem.readAsStringAsync('./BLOB.blob'); but am receiving Error: File './BLOB.blob' isn't readable.

I’ve run into an issue where I need to have full offline capabilities and need these BLOB’s stored within my project. I currently have a function that needs to take in the BLOB (in string format) as an argument.

I’m trying to mimic something like Node’s file system offers, where you can read a local file with fs.readFile('./BLOB.blob', callback);

Like I said, I may be going about this all wrong. I’m not even sure if FileSystem and fs are analogous. I just can’t find any resources on how to read a local BLOB without serving it up from a server.

Thanks in advance!

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