How to proxy request in developement with express/webpack/expo

I am creating an app with expo SDK Version: 36 and I taget all platforms (Android/iOS/web/all).

I have an express server that serv the webapp and proxy some request.

I want to proxy the request for development purposes.

I access the developement server throught:

  • web
  • ios and native expo-client

The express server is hosted at http://localhost:3001

  1. There is a webpack dev server : DevServer | webpack
  2. Create-react-app use GitHub - chimurai/http-proxy-middleware: The one-liner node.js http-proxy middleware for connect, express, next.js and more and proxy key in package.json.
  3. I have an ios and android app with the same source code, I feel just the webapp is downloaded from the server but they should all proxy request
  • does native apps (ios/android) use webpack-dev-server or is it just the web?

I feel like I am not sure what should be configured.

Is it webpack or express?

Thanks for any tips,

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