How to get source map files created during eas update


I am trying to figure out how to get the source map files that are created during the eas update command but am having trouble. I am not using Sentry, I am using Firebase Crashlytics and recently switched from Codepush to Expo Updates. In Crashlytics I get a line and a column number and use the source-map npm package to get the deobfuscated crash source. I see in the terminal when running the eas update command that source map files are generated as it prints out the file names and sizes, but can’t figure out how to get them to download into dist folder with the other generated assets. I wrote a script for the postPublish hook based off of the sentry-expo one but it looks like that hook doesn’t get triggered with eas update. Last resort is modifying the eas-cli package to do this, but figured there must be an easier way that I’m missing.

Any help is be greatly appreciated!

hi, it will be available in the next eas-cli version

Thank you for you the help! Just applied that change locally and it worked.

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