How to debug standalone react native apps ?

Hello Team,

SDK 35.0.0. React native apps.

How to test standalone Android and iOS apps ?

As per doc:

there is one sentence for android:
To run it on your Android device , make sure you have the Android platform tools installed along with adb , then just run adb install app-filename.apk with USB debugging enabled on your device and the device plugged in.

Obviously i do understand how complex this process can be, but it would be great to have any hints. Just running app via adb does not give us any logs, nor debugs. How to see console.log() results when running apk locally on Android ?
I’am also stuck on debugging process:
Any recommendation for debugging standalone apps running on locally connected devices ?

Also facebook documentation is not really helpful:
Focusing on simulators or GUI components…

Writing native apps gives us huge advantage here, with react-native it’s really a challenge. Would appreciate your tips/comments here.


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