how to create background workers ?

i would like to update my app when it’s on background (sending sound to user for exemple)

  • you can use push notifications or local notifications, but we don’t support custom sounds for those in the managed workflow currently.
  • if you want to fetch data in the background, use BackgroundFetch
  • if you want to access location in the background, use Location with TaskManager

yes i try this, but, what i want to do is create a timer, and send a sound notification a 3 2 1.

so is not possible ?

I heard about webview, does it possible ?

thx :slight_smile:

you can use local notifications to play the notification sound and show a message at some point in the future, you just can’t customize the sound for it in the managed workflow Notifications - Expo Documentation

thx for your help?
i think my projet is going to trash :frowning:
if i can’t play specific sound in background there is no projet…

thx for your help :slight_smile:

you can run expo eject and then you have access to native code and can do anything that you want! you can also keep using all of the expo sdk packages or fork parts of it where you need to make changes to support your use case

yes but if i eject, i couldn’t update expo SDK ok build files with expo build ?

i think i have to try…